Trauma Healing 2022 – Advanced Equipping

Sower Institute for Biblical Discipleship, in partnership with Trauma Healing Institute (THI), aims to provide leadership and services to churches and organisations using God’s word to bring healing and restoration to trauma survivors.

THI’s trauma healing programme provides basic mental health concepts with a biblical framework, using Scripture passages and composite real-life stories to help traumatised people connect the teaching with their circumstances.


Participants must have attended an initial equipping session and also co-led or led at least two healing groups (or some equivalent activity) and submitted their reports.


This session, the second of two seminars, continues the equipping process for facilitators in Bible-based Trauma Healing using the book Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help and its associated programme model. This proven approach uses applied Scripture and best mental health principles to address spiritual and emotional wounds caused by trauma of war, ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, car accidents, abuse, and similar events. The book has been translated and taught in over 100 countries with more than 194 language groups in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.The advanced session hones the skills acquired at the initial session and during the practicum. By the end of this session, trainees should be better able to solve programme issues arising in trauma healing as they carry out their ministries. They should understand the materials completely and clearly and be able to teach in a participatory way. Participants who have the necessary competencies are certified as training facilitators or healing group facilitators at the end of the advanced session.

DATES AND TIME: 18–21 October 2022 at 9AM–5PM

VENUE: 7 Armenian Street, Bible House S179932


$380 (Early bird price until 24 Sep)

$420 (From 25 Sep)

*Cost includes materials, snacks and lunch

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