REFUGE – Finding Home in a World of Change

It was a time not unlike our own. When the judges ruled, the nation of Israel indulged in radical individualism, frequent wars, idol worship, and more. In the Book of Ruth, Naomi—having fled a famine only to suffer devastating losses—returns home, grieving and accompanied by her foreign daughter-in-law. Naomi thought she had nothing left, but God surprised her with His faithfulness in the midst of her crisis of faith. We can learn from this story as we see how Naomi experienced:

  1. Losing Home
  2. Finding Favour
  3. Finding Faith
  4. Finding Home

In Refuge, we will see how God used a grieving widow, a faithful foreigner, and a man of standing to show us that, ultimately, we find our home and our refuge in Him.


Fees: $10
*Afternoon snack is provided

Date & Time:
Sunday, 25 Sep 2022 | 1PM–5PM

International Baptist Church
81 King’s Road, Singapore

Registration closes 20 Sep 2022

For more info, contact:
Lisman at 9046 7253
Ps Lloyd at 9617 4122


*Would you like to join an additional session of training for trainers, which will be hold on Sunday, 25 Sep 2022 (5-8PM) after the Refuge session (additional fees of $15, include meal)?

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Please contact us at or call 6304 5286 with your registration number if there are any issues during registration.

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