Miracle of Life Change: A Study from Ephesians 4

Is a “changed life” really possible? You might have tried numerous programmes that promise big changes, but in reality, they seem to deliver little results. This seminar based on Ephesians 4 in Chip Ingram’s series, Transformed, will take you through the steps God has designed to bring about true life change for you. Life change begins with an understanding on who you are now, what weighs you down to prevent change and who can help to make the change. It is a seminar that gives practical help for you to work through the dynamics of change and make change stick. It will also enable you to see the outcome of that change and the impact you will have on the people around you, as well as the community you belong to.

Date & Time: 13 August 2022 | 9am–1pm

Venue: Bible House 

Cost: $20

Email sowerinstitute@bible.org.sg for more information.

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