Journey Through the Bible Land

Journey with us through the Bible Land. Suitable for first timers, this 12D9N Bible Land Tour will enable you to embark on a spiritual journey with all the highlights of both Israel & Jordan. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and journey from his birthplace to his crucifixion site of Jerusalem. Visit many historical, cultural and religious sites that brings Biblical stories to life.  You will also get to experience the ancient sites of Jordan.

Your visit will begin in Caesarea Maritima to visit the Roman Amphitheater and Crusader Fortress, and also Nazareth in Galilee, to visit the Church of the Annunciation in Jesus hometown. Stop in Cana—site of Jesus’ wedding miracle. Visit the sites of Jesus’ life, including the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum. Thereafter, enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee as Jesus and the Apostles did.

Explore Qumran and hear the story of the discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls. Enjoy your visit to the Israel Museum which holds the Shrine of the Book, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Visit Jerusalem’s Old City, the Garden Tomb, and the Mount of Olives. See the Garden of Gethsemane, follow the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa, and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at the site of the crucifixion. Visit Temple Mount, one of Jerusalem’s most recognizable landmarks and the Western Wall, one of the holiest place of Judaism today. Take an adventurous walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel to the Pool of Siloam where Jesus cured a blind man with a mud mixture. Also visit the Garden Tomb, another site believed to be the burial place of Christ and more.

In Jordan, travel to Madaba with its archaeological treasures and Mount Nebo where Moses saw the Promised Land. Visit Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 8 Wonders of the World. See the famous treasury, learn about the Nabateans and explore its many caves and tombs. Enjoy your time in Wadi Rum, the most magnificent of Jordan’s desert landscapes and it was also famous through the movie ‘Lawrence of the Arabia’. Explore the unique rock formations of the desert on a jeep and have an unforgettable stay in the desert where you can gaze at the shimmering stars in the night sky as you enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Bedouin.

Tour Highlights:
Caesarea Maritima*, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, Sea of Galilee, Mount Nebo, Petra*, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea Float, Qumran, Western Wall, City of David (Hezekiah’s Tunnel), Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Temple Mount*, Via Dolorosa*, Garden Tomb

*Indicates that the site has uneven or steep path(s) that may be challenging for elderly and people with walking difficulties. For such participants, you are advised to use a walking stick.

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