Inauguration of the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach 

Aiming to reach the often-neglected community of guest workers among us, the Alliance of Indian Ministries (AIM) and SowCare, a newly-registered ministry of The Bible Society of Singapore, have jointly initiated the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO)—in partnership with Hope Initiative Alliance and some 70 other organisations. These partners include civil society organisations, social services agencies, professional services providers, government agencies, and corporations. 

The AGWO is a nationwide movement to provide holistic care for the vulnerable and marginalised community of guest workers in Singapore. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing was held on 31 May to officiate the joint collaboration among the first group of partnering organisations.  

As the first multiracial and multi-faceted platform for guest workers, the primary objectives of the AGWO are to: reach out to them; be a holistic hub providing healthcare services, legal assistance and literacy classes; and to work collaboratively as a nation to support this community. In its pioneering phase, the initiative will focus on our South Asian brothers who constitute the majority of guest workers in Singapore.  

Through the AGWO, AIM also seeks to bring the message of Hope to these guest workers who may often experience emotional and physical difficulties while working in an urbanised setting in Singapore.  

In addition to providing care and assistance, we hope that a sense of belonging in our guests workers will be created through this initiative—cultivating a culture of acceptance and appreciation for them in Singapore. Please visit for more information.  

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