GoForth 2023 Closing Service: Missions in the New Norm—Unite to Accomplish the Mandate

On 18 November 2023, the closing service of GoForth 2023 was held at International Baptist Church. Bishop Prof Dr Thomas Schirrmacher, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance and the service’s keynote speaker, shared a speech which inspired participants to continue God’s mission.

GoForth is a National Missions Movement that encourages Christians, wherever they are, to rise and fulfil the Great Commission. The 2023 theme ‘Missions in the New Norm: Unite to Accomplish the Mandate’ sought to call on Christians to fulfil their God-given mission. The movement featured a year-long conference comprising events from eight tracks. The eight tracks were classified as the ‘8Ms’: Marginalised, Mission to Unreached People Groups, Marketplace, Migrants, Media, Multi-Generational Mentoring, Mandarin, and Metaverse. These tracks focused on missions; for example, ‘Media’ entailed integrating missions across communication platforms, while ‘Mission to Unreached People Groups’ aimed to make the Word of God accessible to all, including the forgotten and left behind. Over 4000 participants across more than 30 events explored their interest in missions.

Even though GoForth 2023 has concluded, mission work does not end. This event ushered in a Decade of Mission from 2023 to 2033, rallying Christians to continue God’s mission and achieve a further-reaching impact in the mission field.

Streams of Life is a media partner of GoForth 2023.

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