God’s Word Available For All—From Print to Screen 

“And he said to them, Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation…” Mark 16:15 (ESV) 

In His Words, our Lord Jesus has commanded us to spread the Word to the world. That has been The Bible Society of Singapore’s mission—to make the Word of God known to all people by making it available through translation and publishing, accessible through distribution and literacy programmes, and credible through engagement and advocacy

Holding forth God’s infallible Word, the Bible Society is meeting the needs of our societies when people receive the living Word of God in their hearts using various methods present in today’s society. 

Today, the scope of our mission has expanded from making the translated Word of God available through publishing in printed form to digital e-books. Apart from making the e-Bible available for download on one’s computer, smartphone, tablet and various electronic devices; having the Word available via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even dedicated sites for webinars and Web TV, is becoming increasingly important in promoting the Word. 

Technology has changed how we view and interact with the world around us. Increasingly, people prefer engaging with media on mobile devices, making information available anywhere and at any time. Digital distribution of Scripture reaches people wherever they are, and engages them in the way they communicate, socialise, and learn, hence transforming lives globally. 

Go into all the world… 

Spreading God’s Word is the heart of all Bible missions. Sower Publishing Centre, the ministry of the Bible Society that publishes and customises Bibles, outreach materials and biblical literature, supports the regional fellowship by rendering its expertise to the rest of South-East Asia in their publishing effort, through the United Bible Societies (UBS) ICAP (Institute of Computer-Assisted Publishing). Sower Publishing is also expanding its reach by printing on different platforms whilst keeping prices affordable.

UBS is a global network of Bible Societies working in more than 200 countries and territories across the world. UBS believes the Bible is for everyone and works towards making the Bible available in as many languages and mediums as possible. It is heartening to see that as part of the UBS fellowship, our Bible Society’s efforts can touch and transform lives not just locally, but regionally and globally as well—both in print and digitally. 

As one of the world’s leading providers of digital Bibles, our fellowship is making hundreds of Bible translations and versions freely accessible to millions and millions of people. The Digital Bible Library (DBL) is one of these efforts. This library hosts Bible texts owned by Bible Societies, and it feeds into the hugely popular, free YouVersion Bible app (bible.org.sg/resources/downloads/bible-app-download/). Our partnership with the developer is making the Word of God freely available to the global audience, especially the next generation. 

…And proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation  

Through our continuing Bible Mission, many have been blessed with a Bible. But the reach is still not complete unless the Word is read, understood and accepted. The need to make the Word readily available to the generation of ‘screen-agers’ who prefer the digital to the print platform becomes not only important but critical. The high penetration of the Internet in Singapore gives us the opportunity to spread the Word widely to this generation. Sharing the Word in the digital format—be it Scripture verses, famous Christian quotes, and even prayer requests—is both easy and convenient. Everyone can be a sower of God’s Word! Check out our Facebook page (facebook.com/biblesocietysg), and find out how you can inspire others by sharing our encouraging Scripture verses or creating your very own post. Many people have already put in the extra effort by joining us as volunteers in our Sowers in Action programme. 

God’s Word is our work at the Bible Society. As we continue our efforts into the next lap, the need to move from print to screen is clear. Our work, be it translation and publishing, mission trips or fundraising efforts is centred around the Bible. We place great emphasis on the importance and relevance of God’s Word in the world today. We pray that God will continue to bless us with the wisdom, strength and resources needed to spread His Word – making it available to His wonderful creation.   

Every time a Bible is made available to a person, a life is changed. Sow the Word and impact lives! Join us in spreading God’s Word with your online posts, continued prayers, selfless service and generous gifts! 

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