“Whether I Can See or Not, I Will Continue to Believe in this God.”

When Honglin, 40, cannot find her way home during rainy days, she would pray earnestly. God never fail to help her find her way.

Even though she has to take three buses to reach church, she looks forward to it every week and she will always pray for God’s angels to lead her along the way.

“Life as a blind person is hard,” she shared. “From leaving the house, buying daily necessities and visiting the doctors, to taking a bath. But I’ll always go to God in prayers and through prayers I’ve experienced the Lord’s grace in my life.”

Honglin lost her sight gradually and by age 20, she was totally blind. When she first accepted the Lord as her personal Saviour, she had hoped that God will miraculously restore her sight.

But that did not happen. As she grew to understand God’s Word more, her faith was strengthened. “I was convicted of this truth. Whether I can see or not, I will continue to believe in this God.”

Over the years, Honglin has learnt to put her hopes on God. “Light is when we focus our sight on God. Darkness is when we do not do so.”

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