Feast of Appreciation for Guest Workers

On 8 December 2019, SowCare joined arms with the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach and TSL Holdings Group to hold a Feast of Appreciation for over 350 guest worker employees at the latter’s company headquarters. This was one of the 24 Feasts of Appreciation launched nationwide in October 2020. In the spirit of Christmas, carols were sung and guest worker employees were gifted with wonderful presents as well.  

Mr Tan Swee Lim, President of TSL Holdings, expressed his gratitude to the workers in his opening address. Thanking them for their contributions over the years, Mr Tan said, “This special feast is especially for all of you, who have worked hard to contribute to the success of not only my group of companies, but our nation. Your contributions have included laborious work and long hours, and we are truly thankful for the role you have played.”  


  • SowCare
  • TSL Holdings Group
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