Explore Eastern Turkey


Join us on this 13D11N Bible Land Tour to Eastern Turkey which is a great combination of pilgrimage + sightseeing.

Beginning in Tarsus – the birth place of St Paul, you will see the ancient ruins of the Roman city. Visit the ancient civilisation of Gaziantep and Mardin. In the south-east of Turkey, you will find ancient towns that have grown with the time, and icons that have appeared in the Christian Bible. Harran a town described in the bible where Abraham lived.

Enjoy the magnificent Nemrud Mountain to admire the colossal stone head statues that is  erected during the Ancient Near East Times. Unconfirmed but widely accepted is the final resting place of Noah’s Ark at Mount Ararat found standing tall and proud over east Turkey. Visit the stunning natural landscape where ancient monuments can be found all around Erzurum where the history from the Selcuk, Mongols and Ottoman Eras can be found.

This really is Eastern Turkey travel at its best.

Tour Highlights:
Tarsus, St Peter’s Grotto, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Harran, Nemrud Mountain, Karakus Funerary Columns, Malabadi Bridge, Mt Ararat, Ishak Pasha Palace, Muradiye Waterfall, Ani, Ruins of Ani, Arpa River, Seljuk Monuments, Sumela Monastery

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