Call to Action In Response to the Biodiversity Crisis

In concert with the UN Summit on Biodiversity, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), A Rocha International, the Lausanne Creation Care Network (LWCNN), Tearfund UK, and other global evangelical organisations announced that they issued An Evangelical Call to Action on Biodiversity which implores evangelical Christians, Churches, and organisations to reverse the biodiversity crisis.

“The pain and sadness we feel over the decline and disappearance of some remarkable species,” Dr. Simon Stuart, the incoming executive director of A Rocha International and recipient of the Blue Planet Prize explains, “mirrors God’s pain which arises from his own deep love and care for all that he has made.” For this reason, and many others articulated in the statement, Bishop Efriam Tendero, the WEA’s Secretary General and CEO articulated why the WEA supported the call to action on biodiversity in the following statement:

Faithful Christian discipleship calls for evangelicals to be joyful and committed stewards of God’s gift of creation. In today’s context, where God’s creation is suffering from the interconnected crises of severe biodiversity loss, ecosystem destruction, and climate change, this call to stewardship comes with utmost urgency. In response, and in solidarity with the global initiative to reverse the loss of biodiversity, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) calls for decisive action on these crises.

A robust explanation of the biblical rationale for evangelical involvement in biodiversity conservation, the Evangelical Call to Action on Biodiversity“ is offered both as a call to action to fellow evangelical Christians, and to assist the broader conservation movement in understanding our motivations.”

The statement and list of initial signers can be read at this link

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