ETHOS Annual Lecture – The Post-Pandemic Church: Will It Be Cancelled?

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has placed the church in a liminal state, with numerous disruptions in church life and ministry. When it is over, what will the church be like? Even with current online solutions, there are already signs of significant attrition. Will this be a foretaste of the future? To make matters worse, modern “cancel culture” may also threaten the future of the church. This lecture will examine this issue by looking at a brief biblical theology of the church, how it serves as a depository of the foundations of the faith entrusted to it, and various reasons popularly offered as to why the church should be cancelled and how the church can respond to these challenges.

• Date: 28 October 2021
• Speaker: Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon
• Moderator: Reverend Dr Edmund Fong

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