Empowerment for Effective Self Care Session 3

Session 3: Self-Compassion – Embracing and reparenting ourselves in the midst of our challenges with loving kindness (struggling to be kind to ourselves)

Speakers 🎤
1. Welcome Message – Rev. Ezekiel Tan [General Secretary, Bible Society of Singapore]
2. “Self Compassion and the Bible” – Rev Dr Roger Ng [Pastor, Grace Bible Fellowship]
3. Self-Compassion – Mdm Fion Liew [Counsellor, Care Corner Counselling Centre]
4. Q&A Facilitator – Ms Carolyn Lim [Counsellor, Care Corner Counselling Centre]

This series is brought to you by Sower Institute for Biblical Discipleship of Singapore, in partnership with Care Corner, supported by Evangelical Alliance of Singapore (EAS) and Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA).

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