Empowering Believers from All Walks of Life

“I want the Braille Bible for the blind believers in my Church.”  

Despite his visual impairment, Pradeep is a man who hungers for God’s Word. Unable to hear or speak, he communicates with others by writing on their palms, or by typing on a computer.  

“I have downloaded the Bible on my laptop, but the Braille Bible is better and easier for me when I am travelling”, he shares. His desire to have the Braille Bible led him to visit the Bible Society of India, to see if they had any Braille Bibles available.   

Making the Word of God known to all peoples is not merely making the Bible available in different languages, but also in different formats—so that people from all walks of life may experience the transformative power of the Word for themselves.  

Currently, in India, only 43 books of the Bible are available in braille, much still needs to be done to translate the entire Bible into braille, so that many others like Pradeep will be able to receive God’s love through His Word.  

As the Bible Society works to meet the needs of those who hunger for the Word, we also need your help to sustain our efforts. We invite you to contribute to the Bible Mission, so that more will be empowered and enriched by the living Word.  

Mr Aaron Fun 

Manager, Partnerships & Mission Development 

The Bible Society of Singapore 

Inspired to make a difference? You may mail us a cheque, made payable to The Bible Society of Singapore,  

using the enclosed envelope. You may also visit bible.org.sg/donate or bible.org.sg/volunteer  

to learn more about how you can partner with us in the Bible Mission. 

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