Easing churches into digitalisation

Kevin Ng, CEO of Thunderquote, help churches, para-churches and charities to implement their IT road maps. He explains why this is important.

Q: What inspired you to use your expertise to serve the churches in Singapore?

We saw that there was a need among the various churches to do book counting and to help out with good stewardship. We realised that the smaller-sized churches often had trouble implementing or affording such systems. We wanted to do our part to contribute. 

Q: How do you think digitalisation can serve as a useful means to encourage churches to practice good governance and stewardship?

Church teams, para-churches and charities are often overloaded and under-staffed. Digitalisation helps to offload a lot of these menial work of purchasing or administration, so that more people can do the things which are directly impacting people. Governance is often seen as a burden, so digitalisation relieves the compliance’s burden from all these already over-burdened church and charity staff.

Digitalisation helps to maintain both a very high standard of governance while also reducing the number of time required to spend on that, so that [church and para-church staff] can spend more time with beneficiaries and focusing on missions and outreach. 

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