Embracing Distressed Domestic Workers with Acts of Love

On 16 October 2022, 70 people attended ADEO’s Light of the Heart Event in celebration of Deepavali and Mental Wellness Month.

ADEO organised an afternoon of meaningful activities like mental wellness sharing, talent showcases and folding of origami hearts to make a Rangoli.

It was a great opportunity for ADEO to be able to share on the topic of mental wellness to our migrant domestic workers (MDWs), to teach them the importance of having resilience and a strong community that supports one another. ADEO also invited the Founder of Overseas Foreign Worker Kindness Movement (OFWKM), Ms Crisanta Guiqing, to share her testimony on the challenges and difficulties she has overcome and how it has led her to form OFWKM to support other MDWs who might also feel alone during their struggles here in a foreign country.

To demonstrate the importance of having a community that supports one another during difficult times, ADEO taught the MDWs to fold origami hearts that they would then glue onto a large board to form a “Rangoli” artwork at the end of the session. The art collaboration is a symbol of a community coming together to share their emotions, their highs and lows and take care of one another. ADEO is encouraged to see the migrant domestic workers and volunteers folding their origami hearts and coming up one by one to help one another to stick these hearts onto the large board.

ADEO also held the first mini talent showcase. We are very thankful to have so many talented MDWs who are so willing to share their lovely talents with us. As the MDWs clapped and cheered for our fellow talents, ADEO hopes to be the platform that allows them to continue supporting their fellow friends through the good and bad times.

Through this event, ADEO has also welcomed a few more volunteers into the team including Aerilynn (13 y.o.) who is our youngest volunteer yet. ADEO is very thankful to the support from other volunteers who have been with us more than once! ADEO hopes that our volunteer group will continue to grow together, hence we welcome kindred spirits who are also passionate about serving the MDW community.

Through the different activities that promote holistic well-being and community spirit, ADEO hopes to support many more MDWs to walk away knowing that there will always be a community out there who will support them. Together, improving lives.

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