A Worship Journey to the Holy Land

I always wanted to visit Israel, and was thankful for the opportunity to do so with IBEx. The Bible Society of Singapore is a trusted name, and the trip was all-inclusive—even though the participants come from different denominations, we were united as one when we worshipped Jesus. I was so satisfied and pleased with the service and helpfulness of the BSS staff that I recommended my best friend’s parents to come along, which they did!

The tour was a truly “kiasu” one. We had a busy yet comfortable time, but we saw and explored an incredible amount. Our guide, Eli, was outstanding, and added other Biblically significant locations to the itinerary with our consent. Over the course of the tour, the participants developed bonds of friendship through worship. Our Spiritual Directors, Brendon and Cathie Clancy, exceeded my expectations. Their sincerity and love for the Lord transformed what was already a wonderful experience into an incredible and inspirational journey.

On the trip, I experienced closeness to Jesus that I have rarely had before. It was such a constant intimacy that I never wanted to end. I found myself drawn into a conversation with Him about what I was seeing, walking, touching and feeling. Each day, I woke up refreshed and ready to spend another with my Saviour as His beloved. While I knew this special time would eventually end, I am thankful to God for it.

Since coming back, I am no longer the same person. There is a deeper feeling of “shalom” inside me. While I am finding it challenging to always be conscious of Jesus’ intimate presence, I continue strive to do so—to never worry about anything, knowing that everything is firmly in His hands.

The tour went above and beyond everything I hoped for, and I am happy to endorse IBEx, Brendon and Cathie Clancy, and our guide Eli.

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