Rising Above the Storms of Life and Challenges Together

But you, dress yourself for work; arise, and say to them everything that I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them. And I, behold, I make you this day a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls, against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests, and the people of the land. They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you, for I am with you, declares the Lord, to deliver you.” – Jeremiah 1:17-19

Often, it is in the midst of the storms in our life when we really recognise our desperate need for a Saviour. We long for someone to pull us from the turbulent water sucking us into its murky depths. Our hearts call out for someone to save us.

Many a time, Jesus comes to our rescue like He did for the disciples who were caught in a boat rocking in the waves of a lake during a violent storm. The significance of Jesus calming the storm as recounted in the Gospels is pertinent to what’s happening in our world today and is evidence of God’s love for us. Global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian floods and wars have a significant impact on our lives. In troubling times, the intense surges of emotion within us are due to our humanity, while the chaotic circumstances around us are beyond our control.

But do we have more faith in the storms of life than in the mercy and grace of God? Let us arise in faith, for Scripture says that those who put their trust in God are immovable like Mount Zion (Psalm 125:1).

Arising to Help Those Affected by War

The unprecedented crisis caused by the ongoing violent war in Ukraine has had grave impact on the entire nation of 43 million people. Fear and uncertainty has gripped the nation since Russia’s large-scale military invasion on 24 February 2022.

Rostyslav Stasyuk, from the Ukrainian Bible Society, updates on the situation on 1 March: “Today, Kharkiv, Kyiv and many other cities and towns have suffered from especially heavy and violent shelling with dozens of Ukrainians killed and injured. There is massive damage to people’s homes and infrastructure.” 

As of May 2022, a relentless bombardment of the country’s cities and towns has led to more than 3,380 civilian deaths, destroyed civilian infrastructure, and forced more than 5.8 million people to flee the Ukraine border to neighbouring countries such as Poland, Romania and Hungary, forming Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. Host countries and aid agencies are trying to meet the astounding needs of these refugees, most of whom are women and children. Over 7.7 million people are also internally displaced within Ukraine, forced to take refuge in safer regions or in subway shelters. Many elderly or disabled people and other vulnerable populations that don’t have the ability to flee are left behind.

All of this is exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe on the ground in Ukraine, as shelling cuts off power stations and other supply lines, effectively trapping people within war zones in sub-zero temperatures without electricity or water, and with dwindling food, fuel, and medical supplies.

“Colleagues from the Southern branch in Kherson, which is currently surrounded by the enemy forces and experiencing food and fuel shortages, visited local bomb shelters with Scriptures and humanitarian aid to bring encouragement to people staying there. Our team also continues serving in Kyiv,”says Rostyslav Stasyuk.

Having been granted the Commissioner of Charities permit for fundraising, the Bible Society is targeting to raise $200,000 to help at least 2,000 families and has gathered more than $150,000 in funds so far to support these victims by providing humanitarian relief to meet their basic needs and to alleviate the suffering and pains of this war by giving them hope in the midst of war, so that they may rise from the ashes.

The funds raised in this campaign have been used to help over a thousand families and have been utilised for food, household essentials, first aid and medicine, clothes and blankets, accommodation and transport. We will also provide financial resources for the Ukrainian Bible Society to reach its goal of providing 56,000 Bibles to Ukrainians, as it received a staggering number of requests for Bibles.

It is the Bible Society’s prayer that God’s Word will bring comfort, peace and reconciliation to the Ukrainians. We hope to be a channel of help to the people of Ukraine, as we have worked closely with the Ukraine Bible Society and World Evangelical Alliance and continue to do so to provide hope and assistance in rebuilding their nation. To donate to this worthy cause, visit bible.org.sg/donate.

Helping Flood-stricken Countries Rebuild their Lives

During the monsoon season each year, most Asian countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka experience torrential rains that cause heavy flooding. In 2020 alone, storms and typhoons caused flash floods and landslides, destroying many infrastructures, including residences, agricultural land, hospitals, and schools. As a result, many were killed, injured or went missing. Over 8.5 million people had been affected in all, with two million forced to evacuate their homes.

As these countries attempt to emerge from the catastrophic damage caused by floods and landslides that were triggered by multiple tropical storms striking in quick succession in the last quarter of 2020, The Bible Society of Singapore has worked closely with our sister Bible Societies of affected regions to provide holistic assistance to the communities in need. The Commissioner of Charities permit we have obtained has enabled us to gather more than $130,000 in funds. The funds have been used to provide humanitarian relief and hope to those suffering, to enable them to rise from the devastation and rebuild their lives.

A Channel of Blessing to the Destitute

But the situation remains dire and there is continual need for aid to the people in these countries and for them to receive the hope of the Gospel. Just as how your immense support has raised more than S$300,000 for humanitarian relief in Myanmar, we invite you to continue partnering with us as we reach out to one another with God’s love, arising in unity as one Body of Christ.

As the Bible Society continues to work closely with our sister Bible Society and Evangelical Communities in these affected regions, our prayer is that the Word of God will bring divine peace and perseverance that will remain in the hearts of those suffering, even through troubled times.

Want to contribute to the Global Bible Mission? Visit bible.org.sg/donate to donate.

The 7 Laws of the Learner

Welcome to a revolution in teaching! The 7 Laws of the Learner is destined to transform the teaching ministries of Christians.

Whether you teach in a church context, Christian school, public school, in the home or on the job, this course will equip you to accomplish God’s purposes for education the transformation of lives by meeting needs through the accurate communication of essential truths.

Join Rev Nicholas Choo as he shares with you The 7 Laws of the Learner. But be prepared – your teaching and your students will never be the same!

Date: 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd  June 2022
Time: 7.30 – 9.30 pm 

7 Armenian St, Bible House, Singapore 179932
Registration closes on 28 May 2022

GoForth 2023 Commencement Highlights

Watch the highlights of the GoForth 2023 commencement last 18 February! What an awesome moment as we gather as a body of Christ in the presence of God to worship, pray and usher in the next Decade of Missions!

What is the significance of GoForth 2023? It is a movement that encourages Christians to live out their God-given mission and call in a world that is constantly changing. Just before Jesus went up to heaven, He said, “Go forth into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” The mission is for everyone, let’s reach out to the world, share the gospel and bring God’s love!

How can we equip ourselves for missions in a world that is constantly changing? This year GoForth 2023 brings a new format—a series of inspiring year-long programmes, that aims to: Inform, Invite and Implement. There will be 8 missional emphasis tracks: Mission to Unreached People Groups, Migrants, Marginalised, Marketplace, Multi-generational Mentoring, Mandarin-speaking Communities, Media and Metaverse, come and see what God has for you!

Registration for the tracks are open, join us at our upcoming tracks!

Visit: 𝗴𝗼𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗵.𝗼𝗿𝗴.𝘀𝗴/𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗸𝘀 to register.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Together, as one heart, let’s arise and fulfil the Great Commission! Get ready to go out to the world and do mighty works for God!

More than 150 Guest Workers Signed Up for Inaugural Weekly...

On 19 March 2023, the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) and Rotary Club of Singapore (RCS) has jointly launched the Guest Workers Cricket Training Programme at Tuas South Recreation Centre. With 100,000 migrant workers living in Tuas, a remote industrial area that is isolated with no avenues for recreation, the launch of this cricket programme ensures that these migrant workers have the opportunity to participate in enjoyable sport activities.
Since February 2023, more than 150 guest workers have signed up for this structured six-month training programme. This programme enhances the emotional & physical wellbeing of guest workers through cricket, a widely played sport in South Asia.
Migrant workers who signed up for the programme received cricket equipment, jerseys and shoes, provided by the RCS. They were also coached by professional cricket coaches in this structured cricket training programme.
We thank the RCS for their unwavering support and look forward to our continued effort to provide holistic care for our migrant workers.

GoForth 2023 – The Future of Global Christianity

As a Christian are you acquainted with your global family?

This webinar will introduce you to Christianity around the world and offer a surprising and encouraging view of its future. It will summarize some of the main finding of the World Christian Encyclopedia, 3rd edition (Edinburgh University Press).

You will hear remarkable developments, such as:

– In the past 120 years, Christianity has shifted from the Global North to the Global South.

– Pentecostalism is the fastest growing movement within Christianity.

– Africa is the continent with the most Christians today. Europe held that distinction for the previous 1,000 years!

– A greater percentage of the world’s population is affiliated with a religion today than in 1970.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Mode: ZOOM platform (Sign-up to receive the ZOOM details!)

GoForth 2023 Commencement

Join us at the commencement of GoForth 2023, happening on 18 February 2023!

What is the theme for GoForth 2023?

The inspiration behind GoForth’s theme—Missions in the New Norm: Unite to Accomplish the Mandate—is to encourage Christians to live out their God-given mission and call in a world that is constantly changing.  

What can you expect for GoForth 2023?

GoForth 2023 will be a year-long event with a series of inspiring programmes from 8 different tracks with a missional emphasis. Come, hear from various practitioners and speakers, and ignite your missional calling! These programmes aim to Inform, Invite, and Implement.

Here’s a sneak peak of the tracks:   

  • Multi-Generational Mentoring  
  • Mandarin Speaking Communities  
  • Mission to Unreached People Groups  
  • Migrants  
  • Media  
  • Metaverse  
  • Marginalised  
  • Marketplace 

Let’s get ready to be equipped and usher in the next Decade of Mission from 2023 to 2033! Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of others.

200 Years of Shining God’s Light on Singapore and Beyond

“For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”—2 Corinthians 4:6 

2023 marks an important milestone for the Bible Society as we celebrate our 200th anniversary of the Bible Mission in Singapore, having started in 1823 with the distribution of 1,000 Chinese New Testament Bibles. For the past 200 years, our Society has worked with our sister Bible Societies and evangelical communities regionally in pioneering the Bible Mission and advancing the Bible cause. Singapore has been the regional hub for Bible translation and printing projects since the 19th century.

Streams of Life (SOL) is a Regional Christian Media Agency that aims to inform, inspire and impact the wider Christian community in Singapore and beyond. SOL Media is a one-stop hub that provides holistic content, regional news, and media services on various digital platforms to its regional partners, such as churches, charities, and other like-minded organisations.

SOL Media is a division of International Bible Experiences (IBEx)—a ministry of The Bible Society of Singapore (BSS). SOL is the official media partner of the bicentennial celebration of the Bible Mission in Singapore commemorated by the Bible Society.

The Bible tells us that when Jesus arrived on this earth, He became a light to everyone around Him. He was not only a spiritual light, offering us a way to have a personal relationship with God, but His light shined brightly everywhere He went.

Especially with a world that is currently filled with so much sin, darkness, uncertainty and the unknown, we have hope, we have a bright light that no darkness can overcome, and we have the sure promises of God and His truth. We as Christians, through Christ’s strength and the Holy Spirit, have the power to shine the light of Christ into other people’s lives, to share with them all that Jesus has done and all that He is doing, and to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We give thanks for the grace of God over the Bible Mission through the years, transforming lives with God’s Word. 2023 is a significant year for the Bible Society as we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Bible Mission in Singapore, having started in 1823. Rev Dr Robert Morrison pioneered the completion of the New Testament in 1813 and published it the following year. In 1819, the full Bible in Chinese translation was concluded and later published in 1823. With the help of Sir Stamford Raffles, Morrison sent 1,000 Chinese New Testaments to Singapore for distribution among Chinese settlers in 1823, marking the real beginnings of the Bible Mission on the island.

Morrison and Raffles are both men who championed the Bible Mission. In Singapore, the Bible Society’s history is intertwined with that of Singapore’s development. Upon the founding of Singapore, Raffles conceived the establishment of a library within the Singapore Institution. It has since been renamed the National Library, with its history closely tied to that of the Singapore Institution and the National Museum. Singapore institute—presently called Raffles Institute—also served to educate Singaporeans and provided suitable facilities for translating and distributing Bibles, aiding the Bible Movement.


A Shared Heritage: The Histories of the Bible Society and Singapore’s Formation

1837 was the year that the building of the institution was completed and started its operations, but it also was when the Bible Society was officially registered in Singapore. Morrison was also originally slated as the first librarian of the institution’s library. This Institution was to become Raffles Institution and a library, with the collection of books and papers that would spawn into our National Library. In a treasured collection of letters and book of Raffles recently acquired by the National Library was a volume of the Bible in Jawi that was printed in Batavia—now called Jakarta—in 1758.

From 1823 up till the 1870s, Scriptures were usually stored in the Singapore Institution and distributed by volunteers, colporteurs and missionaries. It is heartening to see that by God’s grace, more than a century later, the work of the Bible Movement continued amidst struggles and challenging times.

“After the (Second World) War, the Society partnered with the Singapore Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in organising the historic 1978 Evangelistic Crusade and provided much needed support in planning, logistics and Scriptures for distribution. With the use of computer technology in the 1980s, the Bible House also transformed into a Scripture production and Knowledge Centre printing Scriptures for local and overseas people, and also conducting Bible Literacy courses and public conferences.”—Dr Ernest Chew, Honorary Chairman, National Museum of Singapore

To date, Singapore remains as a hub for Bible Missions, enabling us to continue being a blessing to other nations in sending out God’s Word and hope. The Bible Society continues to work closely with its 147 sister Bible Societies and evangelical communities all over the world to offer help and support in making the Word of God available and tangible to all.

We are proud of our association with The Bible Society of Singapore in such a long and faithful journey, to have been a part of its story, and even more of all they have accomplished in recent decades. You work as an ‘Antioch’ in Asia, whose blessing and fruit is founded on unity and radical love for each person as equally valuable in God’s sight (Acts 11:19-30)”—Paul Williams, Chief Executive, British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS)

Partner with The Bible Society of Singapore

ADEO uplifts the lives of over 5,000 MDWs to spread...

As part of Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA)’s International Migrants Month programme, Alliance of Domestic Employees Outreach (ADEO)—a movement of HIA—has been organising a sponsored tour to Flower Dome by Gardens by the Bay for 1,500 MDWs from 20 November to 25 December 2022. As we seek to continuously improve their lives and bring integration between them and the community, such an initiative has helped to make them feel appreciated and bring them joy as many may not get the opportunity to visit such tourist attractions in Singapore.

Launched in December 2021, ADEO has reached out to over 5,000 MDWs from different ethnic or nationality groups; has more than 100 partners including government agencies, embassies, NGOs, employment agencies, religious organisations, and many more. Together with the partners, more than 20 events were organised, with around 200 MDWs pledging their membership with ADEO. In addition, over 20 volunteers from various occupations such as students, accountants, managers, and the MDWs themselves, have graciously taken their time and efforts to serve the MDWs. All of them expressed their positive experience with ADEO, sharing that the events were enjoyable not only for the MDWs, but also for them as they extended help for the activities. They were also looking forward to being involved in the subsequent events.

In celebration of ADEO’s anniversary, a Feast of Appreciation, supported by MOM and other ADEO partners, will be held on Sunday, 11 December 2022, bringing around 300 MDWs to gather in the city, graced by the Minister of State for Education and Manpower, Ms Gan Siow Huang. Fun activities such as carnival games, flea market, cake cutting, lucky draws and free meals will be provided at the event.

In conjunction with International Migrants Day on 18 December 2022, this event aims to show appreciation to our MDWs for their effort and sacrifices in taking care of the families here in Singapore. The President of HIA, Rev Ezekiel Tan, shared his sentiment about this event, “During this International Migrant Month, while in the past, attention was mostly given to the migrant brothers in the dormitories, ADEO hopes to bring the awareness of holistic care to the migrant domestic sisters, making them feel at home in Singapore, and even see Singapore as their second home, with the bigger society as their families away from home.”

ADEO is proud to see the MDWs have benefitted from ADEO programmes, including free tours to iconic places of interest in Singapore, monthly gathering in the city and skill-based training. The greatest accomplishment is to see the ADEO community growing, with MDWs being more confident and appreciated, and in turn, they lead other MDWs to learn to appreciate what the community is doing and care for one another. They also go out of their way to encourage their friends to take part in the activities offered by ADEO. One of the domestic helpers who attended ADEO event for the first time, and is also new to her job in Singapore, shared, “I truly felt the care and respect, I would like to register and be part of ADEO”.

We hope that through this celebration, we can continue to empower, equip and uplift the lives of the MDWs in our midst as we reach out to more of them in 2023 and work together in improving lives!

ETHOS CONFERENCE 2022: What is Man? (Dr Brian H Tomas)

These years, we encounter issues within cultures, communities, identities, and genders. The question “What is man?’ of the Psalmist in Psalm 8:4 continues to be relevant to our contemporary culture and society. Exploring it in light of some of the pressing issues mentioned above. This conference titled, “What is Man?”, will examine the significance of the doctrine of the Trinity. The papers that were presented at the conference are published in this volume under the Ethos Engagement Series.

Our speaker in this video, Dr Brian H Tomas, shares his wisdom with our topic focusing on Sex and Gender.

Date: 24 September 2022

Speaker: Dr Brian H Tomas
ETHOS Institute™ for Public Christianity was formed by the National Council of Churches of Singapore, Trinity Theological College and The Bible Society of Singapore in 2014.vid

Safety Measure Awareness Carnival for 600 Guest Workers

As online-related crimes have been a concerning global issue, the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO)—a movement of Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA)—organised Migrant Workers Community Carnival Day on 27 November 2022, a carnival with interactive and engaging game booths with an aim to educate the guest workers on keeping safe and to provide ways on how and where to seek help. 

Various partners supported us in this event, such as Assurance Care Engagement Group (ACE) by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre under Singapore Police Force (SPF), Kranji Recreation Centre, and other various agencies. Over 600 guest workers participated in this event, and all of them enjoyed this initiative as they received many prizes from the lucky draws.

This carnival brought together organisations and personnel from the people, private and public sectors who are working together for the welfare and safety of the guest workers. The other partners include DBS Bank, Causeway Point, Land Transport Authority, and many more. Through interactive activities and engaging games, the different agencies educated the guest workers about being safe from scams and other types of crime. As MOS Faishal shared, “Fighting scams and other forms of crime is a community effort. Therefore, other than Police’s enforcement efforts, we are also focusing our efforts on educating the public about crime prevention and safety.”

ETHOS CONFERENCE 2022: What is Man? with Rev Dr Edmund...

These years, we encounter issues within cultures, communities, identities, and genders. The question “What is man?’ of the Psalmist in Psalm 8:4 continues to be relevant to our contemporary culture and society. Exploring it in light of some of the pressing issues mentioned above. This conference titled, “What is Man?”, will examine the significance of the doctrine of the Trinity. The papers that were presented at the conference are published in this volume under the Ethos Engagement Series. Our speaker in this video, Rev Dr Edmund Fong, shares his wisdom with our topic focusing on Biblical Anthropology.

Date: 24 September 2022 Speaker: Rev Dr Edmund Fong, Trinity Theological College

ETHOS Institute™ for Public Christianity was formed by the National Council of Churches of Singapore, Trinity Theological College and The Bible Society of Singapore in 2014.