National Day Celebration with Migrant Domestic Workers

On 21 August 2022, nearly 100 domestic workers attended ADEO’s National Day Event at Bible House, in celebration of Singapore’s Birthday. ADEO organised an afternoon of fun and relaxing activities such as zumba, flea market and picnic. 

While being a domestic helper, Jacky never gives up her passion for dance. Together with her team of dancers, who are also migrant domestic workers, they led our migrant domestic sisters in a session of Zumba. It was very heartening to see our migrant domestic sisters enjoyed themselves, dancing their hearts out along with Jacky and her team. 

ADEO is very thankful to have gotten the sponsorship of French skincare brand, Clarins. Clarins has very kindly sponsored our migrant domestic sisters with travel size bottles of body lotion, facial cream and lip oil. Our migrant domestic sisters were very delighted and thankful to be able to receive these items. Ms Ashley Thng, the Marketing Director of Clarins, came down to show her support for ADEO’s event and thanked ADEO and our volunteers for “dedicating our Sunday to hold such a meaningful event for the migrant domestic workers.”  

Through this event, ADEO also welcomed many first-time volunteers including Ms Laarni De Leon and Ms Tri Windarti who are migrant domestic workers themselves. ADEO was encouraged to see our migrant domestic workers stepping up to volunteer in an event for their migrant domestic sisters and we hope to see more such volunteers step up to care for their fellow migrant domestic sisters in Singapore. 

ADEO is comforted to see our migrant domestic sisters enjoying themselves and we hope that the ADEO community continues to grow in partnership and collaborations in serving the MDWs.

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