ETHOS: The Old Testament as Asian Contextual Theology (Part 2)

While Christianity continues to be seen in much of Asia as a Western religion, the Christian faith and Jewish faith which birthed it are actually from Asia. The Old Testament in particular originated in the Near East, a region that has many cultural connections to the modern Far East where we live.

With concepts such as retribution/karma, honour/shame, and animism that were common in the Old Testament—the message crosses naturally from its ancient Asian setting into our modern Asian setting.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Rev Dr Jerry Hwang Jerry Hwang (PhD, Wheaton College) currently serves as Academic Dean of Singapore Bible College’s School of Theology (English), where he has also taught Old Testament and Hebrew courses since 2010. His research interests lie at the intersection of the Old Testament and mission studies. He is currently writing his third book, a commentary on Jeremiah to be published on Crossway. He has also written books on Hosea (forthcoming from Zondervan) and Deuteronomy.

ETHOS is a tripartite collaboration of:
– National Council of Churches of Singapore
– Trinity Theological College
– The Bible Society of Singapore

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