ETHOS Conference: Scripture as God’s Word by Dr Lee Chee Chiew (Part 2)

ETHOS Annual Seminaries Conference
Dei Verbum: The Bible in Church and Society

Topic: Scripture as God’s Word (Part 2)
Speaker: Dr Lee Chee Chiew

The Bible has shaped society for centuries—influencing language, art and culture across nations. The Word also remains as the only inerrant and infallible source of authority in the Church.

In partnership with eight seminaries and Bible Colleges, the ETHOS 4th Annual Seminaries Conference will discuss the role and relevance of the Bible in Church and society.

Join our speakers as they explore topics such as Scripture as God’s Word, Scripture and Tradition, Scripture and Worship and Scripture and Society. Papers presented in this conference will also be published in the ETHOS Engagement Series.

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This conference was held last 28 September 2019.

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